Monday Yoga: Pranayam and Sukshma-Asana's for starting Your Routine Yoga Practice and Inducing Vigor into Your Life on the first day of the Week

Monday Yoga: Pranayam and Sukshma-Asana's for starting Your Routine Yoga Practice and Inducing Vigor into Your Life on the first day of the Week by Advait
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For readers of:Chelsea Handler, B.K.S. Iyengar, Deepak Chopra, J.J. Smith, Planet Ayurveda
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About the Book

Your Guide to a Disease-Free Life through Routine Yoga Practice.

'Monday Yoga' is a fluff-free guide, to understanding Pranayam and Suksma-Asana's and starting your week with a new-found vigor and vitality.

The word ‘Yoga’ literally means to unite ourselves with our higher self - an entirely meta-physical objective which can be achieved through a Discipline of Physical exercises (Asana’s) coupled with Meditation exercises (Dhyana) and Breathing exercises (Pranayam). When we perform those exercises we get in shape and achieve good health.

Yoga is the destination and the path to it is through a disciplined practice of physical exercises, meditation and breathing exercises.

Yoga is a very powerful method of boosting your immunity & strength, becoming more flexible, supple and strong internally.

Pranayam is considered of paramount importance in Yoga.

The word Pranayam is made of two basic Sanskrit words-

Pran = Life or Life Energy

Ayam = to Extend and Regulate.

Thus Pranayam means ‘an exercise which is to be performed if you want to extend your life’.

Pranayam is the fuel of life…

Millions of people have observed radical positive changes in there health, happiness and overall well being by accepting Yoga as a way of life.

Now it's your turn and this book is here to help you with the same.

Discover:: Monday Yoga

This book details a variety of Pranayam (breathing exercises) and Sukshma Asana's (micro exercises) that will induce vigor and vitality into your life.

Some of the Basic Pranayam that you’ll discover inside this book are:

# Bhastrika Pranayam/ Pranayam of Bellow

# Bahya Pranayam / Exterior Pranayam

# Suryabhedan Pranayam / Pranayam of Sun

# Udgith Pranayam / Pranayam of Resounding 'Aum'

Everlasting Health is Achievable!! Just accept Yoga into your life with an open heart.

Would You Like To Know More?

Download this book now and start living a stress-free life from today.

About the Author

"Proven Ancient Indian Health and Healing Techniques for the Price of an espresso"

Quality information about the ancient healing techniques shouldn't be expensive. The so-called 'Yoga gurus' & 'Ayurveda gurus' love to charge exorbitant prices; knowing this prevents many average folks from inexpensive self-healing and sound health. What you need (and what Advait provides) is a variety of detailed techniques -- Each proven over ages to help you cure and prevent serious ailments.

Advait writes his books for everyone who believes in ancient Indian healing systems like Yoga, Mudras and Ayurveda. What separates him from other digital publishers is his ability to explain complex topics in a no-nonsense, no-fluff, straightforward manner. He doesn't promise the world. But always delivers step-by-step techniques you can immediately implement.

In his spare time, Advait likes to travel, swim, read, and talk about himself in the third person.

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