Aidan Rogers

Unfolded Hands

Unfolded Hands by Aidan Rogers
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nonfiction Religion
For readers of:Brennan Manning, John Eldredge, Max Lucado
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Prayer is arguably one of the most difficult disciplines of the Christian life. Particularly in these times, in a generation thirsting for God in a world where it seems increasingly hard to find Him, Christians are looking for a new way to pray. Or rather, an old way to pray. We long to pray the powerful prayers of the Bible, to hear from God the way His people seem to always have, a way that most of us have not. We want to pray the kind of honest, raw prayers that hide nothing from our God. We want to pray the kind of prayers that make a wretched, wrecked heart seem like the most beautiful offering in all of creation.

There are hundreds of books on prayer; Unfolded Hands is not just another one. The books on the shelves don’t answer the nagging heart-questions we have about prayer; Unfolded Hands attempts to. These other books want to teach us to pray like David or pray like Jabez, to pray words of Jesus. These other books invite us to pray the words of eloquent writers, while making us worry about getting prayer “right” – folding our hands and bowing our heads and assuming our place and then falling short. We never get it right. Prayer will never be right until we are praying our words. Until we are praying our hearts.

But how are our hearts to pray? How do we bring ourselves honestly before God? We already know. We know how we want to pray. We know how we ought to pray. We know how we would pray if we set ourselves free to say to God whatever we need to say, whether that’s Thank You and I love You or Life is dumb and I hate You. What we want to know is that it’s ok to say what is on our hearts. We want to know that He hears us. We want to know how He hears us.

Rather than instruction, Unfolded Hands is an invitation. It is an invitation to evaluate the ways we've lost touch with prayer and to open our hearts to the authenticity of honest prayer - prayer that moves beyond ritual into relationship, out of habit and into the holy. Through the stories in Scripture of powerful prayer, readers come to know how God hears prayer, beyond the spoken word. So that when we kneel to pray, we aren’t thinking about getting prayer “right.” We aren’t thinking of how we hear ourselves; we are thinking about how God hears us. What He hears in our frail words. And how He answers.

Our best prayers don’t often start with a “Dear Lord,” and they don’t always end with an “amen.” Our best prayers come in the middle, in that God-honoring place where we speak simply from our hearts. In that holy place where we offer simple words and honest prayers. From a heart that cries out.

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