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Publication Date12/3/2020
About the Book

Presents a revolutionary new paradigm of Cosmic Thought that bridges the divide between science and spirituality. Discloses the ramifications of non-localized consciousness and how the physical world and spiritual  experience are two aspects of the same Cosmos. What scientists are now  finding at the outermost frontiers of every field is overturning all the basic premises concerning the nature of matter and reality. The central teaching of mysticism is that Everything is One, whereas from the side
of rationalism the universe is Multiple. The essence of the mystical  tradition is not a particular philosophical system, but the simple  realization that the soul of any individual/existence is identified with the Absolute. A special feature of the mysticism is the elimination of  discriminations, i.e. the One and the Multiple are identical.On the  other hand, in rationalism the One and the Multiple differ  substantially. Mysticism aims at the Emptiness of Zero, whereas  rationalism aims at the identification with the Infinite of Everything.  Based on the ontology resulting from modern physics the One is also the  Multiple and the Multiplicity is also a Module, also the Void and the  Everything are complementary aspects of a single and indivisible
reality. This means that mysticism and rationalism are the two sides of a Cosmic Thought, which isexpressed through consciousness. We could say  that this consciousness is the rhythm that coordinates any opposite.

About the Author

Alexis Karpouzos is an internationally recognized Author and Spiritual Teacher. He is the Founder of the International Community of Learning, Research and  Culture in Greece. Alexis karpouzos has published twelve books in Greek and four in English: 1.The self criticism of science, 2. Cosmology: philosophy and physics, 3. Universal consciousness: The bridges between science and spirituality, 4. The end of certainty. The themes of his  books relate to: General Philosophy and Ontology, History of Ideas, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Science, Educational Philosophy, Cosmology and Physics and Social Sciences.

The poetic thought of Alexis karpouzos is a  expressions of soul's inner experiences, expression of universality. The inspiring visual images and the symbolic use of language offer a  description of elevating experiences of consciousness, a glimpse of  higher worlds. The philosophy of alexis karpouzos speak to the human  experience from a universal perspective, trancending all religions, cultural and national boundaries. Using vivid images and a direct
language that speaks to the heart, his philosophy evokes a sense of deep
communication with the collective unconscious, a sense of connection to all the creatures of the world, compassion for others, admiration for  the beauty of nature, reverence for all life, and an abiding faith in  the invisible touch of world. Alexis karpouzos thoughts are often terse  and paradoxical, challenging us to to break out of the box of limiting  beliefs and see things from a new perspective. Above all, alexis  karpouzos continually calls to us to wake up and exlpore the mysteries within our own selves, i.e the mysteries of universe.

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