Allen Ling

For fans of:Joe Haldeman, Micheal Crichton, Philip K. Dick, Marjane Satrapi, Frank Miller

Our Story

In 2014, Christian and Allen met through a mutual acquaintance, Matt Lucas, who was a close friend and combat instructor for Allen. Allen had wanted to do a graphic novel but needed the energy and talent of a young artist to be able to complete this ambitious project. Christian and Allen had some things common: they both recently lost their fathers; guitar playing; snob java drinking; and a tremendous passion for comics. They also enjoyed: blaming other people when things went wrong; Cos Play in desert festivals; hard bouts of drinking; and skipping merrily hand in hand with another person. Or by themselves.

And did we mention we didn’t know what the hell we were really getting ourselves into when we started this graphic novel?

So, for almost two years, Christian pushed the limits of his short-term memory retention, and drawing stamina, and Allen drove Christian nearly insane with his ADHD and also lost his patience multiples times as far as being held hostage by Christian’s perfectionism. Also, Christian had to also deal with over a 100 story changes because Allen never ever wrote any non-fiction longer than 2 pages. Allen also had to remind Christian of the 100 changes repetitively. Allen was also distracted with his many other ventures and adventures in womanizing. So, we were in a LOT of trouble by the end of year two.

Another friend of Allen’s, Dave Lopez, introduced Allen to Mel Smith, who became our project manager and editor, and graphic novel sifu at the middle of year three. And just in the nick of time. He proceeded to recruit more help for us for the covers, lavish splash pages that Allen envisioned (but was too lazy to draw or even sketch out for Christian), a colorist so Christian can focus on just line drawingand composition, and a seasoned letterist. Mel helped placement for dialogue, and then coached Allen osmotically to write voice and thought balloons as well as captions in a comic book format.

Now we finally finished! Coming up with the story of Genesis II began most likely when we were born. It is the accumulation of our skills, experiences, our imaginative thoughts turned into ramblings thenartistic renderings, and eventually all this somehow formatted itself into a cohesive visual story.

Christian Boe and Allen Ling drew and wrote this Graphic Novel in real time over three years, only having a beginning and a vague ending in mind. We took each other on an amazing ride of creativity; and wenever quite knew how the story would really end until the last 2 months of the production.

Enjoy what might be the best thing we ever did or will do besides having children (or making them)!