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Treat Climate Change, Save the Earth: How to Prevent Flooding and Drought to Slow Global Warming

Treat Climate Change, Save the Earth: How to Prevent Flooding and Drought to Slow Global Warming by Amanda Rothman
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For readers of:Naomi Klein, Bill Nye, Elizabeth Kolbert
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About the Book

My FREE eBook “Treat Climate Change, Save the Earth: How to Prevent Flooding and Drought to Slow Global Warming” outlines ideas on a new infrastructure which we can use to help avert flooding and drought. This infrastructure could also potentially be used to get wildfires under control or help prevent them, as well as taking steps to add ice back to our shrinking icecaps!

I also include observations about weather prediction on a global scale and how it can be leveraged to save lives and improve living. Renewable energy is another point under discussion; we would not need to rely on fossil fuels gained from fracking or drilling.

I have made my eBook available for FREE on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, Smashwords, Kobo, Inktera (formerly Page Foundry), Blio, txtr, OverDrive, and Scribd! Feel free to download your own copy; I would greatly appreciate any and all discussion on the topic!

My eBook is also available in print and as an audiobook through Amazon!

It is my intention to get this book in the hands of well-read scientists and officials who might be in the position to support a project like this. It involves a large amount of research, but the end results would be an end to so many of our problems that I believe they would be worthy investments. Please help me spread the word and give free copies of my eBook to those who would enjoy it via the links or through NoiseTrade.

About the Author

Amanda Rothman has been a voracious reader since learning the alphabet, and a rabid writer soon after that.

“What is the secret to writing?” she’s been asked many a time.

“Vocabulary, and the willingness to bend it to one’s will and whim,” is one of her replies.

“But couldn’t that make for florid and descriptive prose?” they ask.

“Yes,” she answers, ironic in the brief answer.

“But writing that way for a non-fiction series about treating the symptoms of climate change might make people’s heads explode,” someone else said.

“Hmm. I don’t want that to happen,” she observed. And so she tried to write in a more conversational, less head-explody way.

Reading and Writing has always been Amanda’s hobby. Technical Writing is her current career. Balancing these two is quite the tightrope walk. Lean too much in one direction and you’ll find yourself plunging head first into a pile of words and writing styles at war with each other, before promptly getting mowed down in the crossfire. If you’re interested in watching her wordy tightrope walk regularly, take a stroll over to her blog on

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