Amaris Oppenheim

Hair Loss Cure & Treatment: Prevention & Effective Natural Regrowth Methods

Hair Loss Cure & Treatment: Prevention & Effective Natural Regrowth Methods by Amaris Oppenheim
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For readers of:romance, erotica, contemporary romance, Passion and Suspense, Shannon Mayer
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PublisherMarjan Bazalac
About the Book

This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to deal with hair loss.

Hair is definitely one of the most important physical aspects of an individual and when this essential facet is put at risk, such as in the case of hair loss, it will without a doubt have a great impact on how a person sees himself or herself and eventually, on how he or she will go on with life. Also, another matter which should not be taken for granted is the fact that while hair loss in itself is not life threatening, it could be considered as a red flag for a more serious underlying medical condition. And therefore, should be taken seriously. This book is your perfect guide on how to deal with hair loss – complete with reliable and valuable information on certain facts about hair, what hair loss is, its symptoms, types, and causes, the various options for treatment, how to naturally prevent it from happening, and even some simple yet valuable steps on how you can take care of your hair.

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Knowing More about Hair

Hair Loss: An Overview of the Condition

Symptoms and Manifestations of Hair Loss

What causes hair loss?

The Most Prevalent Types of Hair Loss

Hair Loss Myths

Options for Hair Loss Treatment

Cosmetics for Hair Loss Cover Up

Healthy Foods Which Can Help in Preventing Hair Loss

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How to Take Care of Your Hair

About the Author

I live in Italy with my extremely loving husband, two adorable little boys and the most behaved dog. This is where I manage my day job, which is working in the city's largest financial company. When not dealing with numbers and financial accounts, I write about my fantasies. I believe that human beings only have one life, so why not cram everything possible in it, including doing what I am passionate about - steamy romance.I am fond of adventures and possess this passion for sweet romance and lustful secrets. I feel best when my readers are drawn to the worlds of love, sex, thrill and fantasies that I create. My stories are inspired by the stories of the different people I meet and the places I get to see. I am always delighted to live many lives aside from my own. That is how I craft a limitless number of fantasies and adventures.All throughout, reading books is something I could not live not doing. Dreaming and feeding my fantasies are incredible things for me. As a little girl, I'd spend most of my free hours at the school library. I will bring home stacks of books, including the typical romance novels that do not involve sex. Probably, I got this habit from the mother, who also adores sweet romance novels. But I was surprised what a romance novel could be during a trip to the bookstore when I was 17 - that is when my journey began. I never knew I had the gift in me until I produce my first erotica novel when I was 23. My first work was followed by tons of other works for the sexy grown-ups who simply want to experience more passion and desire. I like my books to be luscious and delightfully sweet. I have been working on my novels for years and I can say there is really no secret - I just let my imagination go hot and wild. Someday, I wish to retire to a vineyard with my entire family and continue my passion of writing about my dirty, naughty secrets.

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