RAIN by Anita Rodgers
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fiction Religion, Suspense
For readers of:Janet Evanovich, Michael Connelly, C Hope Clark, Lee Childs, Sue Grafton
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Print Length15 PAGES
Publication Date4/11/2018
About the Book


Depressed over a recent loss, Georgia is stuck in her remote cabin during a rain storm, with her dog Mulroy. Pots and pans litter the floor, to catch the drips that weep from the rafters while the constant drumming of rain sounds on the rooftop. The temperamental heater refuses to work, the fire in the hearth has all but gone out, and she out of firewood.

A trip to the shed for more fuel will solve the problem but the storm has turned the ground into a muddy bed of quicksand. And though it is a mere 50 feet away, Georgia can barely see the shed through the sheets of water battering the earth.

Should she chance it? If anything should happen there will be no one to help her.

Throwing off her doubts, she tosses on a slicker, leashes up Mulroy and sets off for the shed. Having no idea how wrong a short trip to the shed can go. Will she surrender to the wrath of nature or are there forces at work that can save her if she lets them?

About the Author

Anita Rodgers is the author of the psychological thriller, False Witness, the Scotti Fitzgerald Mystery Series, and the newly released Dead Dog Trilogy.

She’s a writer, a blogger, a pet mom, a gardener, a cook, and a lover of puzzles. She lives in Southern California with her beloved terrier/poodle Lily and two silly cats, Boodie and Bitzy. And can usually be spotted at Starbucks contemplating the perfect crime over a cup of Sumatran. She has a serious social media addiction, is obsessed with GIFs, and loves to interact with family, friends, and fans on Facebook and Twitter.

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