Growing Green: An Introduction to Natural, Organic Gardening

Ann Timm

Growing Green: An Introduction to Natural, Organic Gardening by Ann Timm
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nonfiction Health, Home
For readers of:Keeper of the Home, Josh Axe, Danielle Walker, Katie, Wellness Mama
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PublisherKeeper of the Home
Publication DateApril 2016
About the Book

Do you want to grow your own produce and live in a more healthy way? Here are 7 steps to make you an expert organic gardener, along with ways you can jump into wildly easy nutrition TODAY.

About the Author

Ann Timm leads a community of women committed to naturally healthy living at A follower of Jesus, proud wife of her hubby Mark, Ann feels incredibly blessed to be the mother to six amazingly cool and wonderfully crazy kids ( 5 of them are teenagers – YIKES!). She battles daily with her thyroid and admits some days she is not sure who is winning. She is a full-time homemaker and strives to keep a healthy, happy home. She loves to share her own challenges and triumphs and to encourage other women on their journey to healthy living and homemaking and collaborates with a team of talented writers to share insights and tips for naturally healthy living.

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Growing Green: An Introduction to Natural, Organic Gardening by Ann Timm
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