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Touchy Subjects

Touchy Subjects by Craig Gross
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Publication DateMarch 2014
About the Book

Craig Gross and David Dean aren’t medical doctors or academics with “Ph.D.” written after our names. We’re just a couple of dads who love our kids and who want to make sure they get the truth about touchy subjects. Craig lives in Los Angeles and is the founder of, X3watchSoftware and iParent.TV. David is a full time clean comedian from Indiana. Craig's kids are 8 and 11 and both live in the house and David's have finally moved out of his house.

We live in a touchscreen world. The more technology develops, the more integrated it becomes into our culture, the more it tends to involve some sort of screen. And, increasingly, that screen itself is becoming the way we interact with our tech. So now the word touch is getting broader in its definition. We carry little computers in our pockets that we operate through touch. We use social media to share touching stories or reach out and touch base with someone virtually. And technology is opening all kinds of windows for a different kind of touch: sex. These are all, in their unique way, touchy subjects.

How can we as parents guide our kids through responsible interactions with these touchy subjects?

How can we teach them to use sex, technology, and social media in the best ways possible so that they can mature into responsible, emotionally healthy adults?

What’s your approach, or do you even have one?

Maybe your son or daughter is young and you don’t know when you should even broach these subjects.

Maybe you’re too nervous or embarrassed to bring up some of these touchy subjects in the first place. Maybe you don’t even realize how important these topics are.

Maybe you want to talk to your kids but just don’t know what to say.

Sound appealing? Then we wrote this book for you.

About the Author

Craig Gross is an author, speaker, pastor, and revolutionary. He shot to prominence in 2002 when he founded the website as a response to the hurting he saw both in those addicted to pornography and those who made their living in the porn industry. The XXXchurch website mixes the seedy with the sacred in an effort to raise the often taboo subject of pornography as a problem that needed to be dealt with. In the 10 years since it began, has had over 70 million visitors to the website and his ministry is the subject of an award winning documentary.

Craig also spearheaded the development of X3watch, an internet accountability system that is used by over 1 million people. Craig is the author of nine books and has been featured in GQ magazine,Newsweek, Time, Wired, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times,and has appeared on Good Morning America, Nightline, CNN, Fox News, and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. He currently resides in Los Angeles CA with his wife Jeanette and their two children Nolan and Elise.

His most recent book is called Touchy Subjects - How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex, Tech and Social Media In a Touchscreen World.

Craig’s notable titles include: Touchy Subjects -

How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex, Tech and Social Media In a Touchscreen World

See-Through Life - What Happens When you get real, get honest, get accountable

Open - What Happens When You Get Real, Get Honest and Get Accountable.

The Volunteer’s Back Pocket Guide To Sex: Guiding Teenagers on Issues From Pornography to Purity [with Cris Clapp Logan, Group Publishing 2012]

Eyes of Integrity: The Porn Pandemic and How It Affects You [with Jason Harper, Baker Books, 2010]

Pure Eyes: A Man’s Guide to Sexual Integrity [also by Steven Luff, Baker Books, 2010]

Jesus Loves You, This I Know [with Jason Harper, Baker Books, 2009]

Starving Jesus: Off the Pew, into the World [also by J.R. Mahon, David C. Cook, 2007]

The Dirty Little Secret: Uncovering the Truth Behind Porn [with Carter Krummrich, Zondervan, 2006]

The Gutter: Where Life Is Meant to Be Lived [Relevant, 2005]

Questions You Cant Ask Your Mama About Sex [also by Mike Foster, Zondervan/Youth Specialties, 2005]

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