Marianne Moor

For fans of:Elizabeth Lenox, Penny Jordan, Carole Mortimer

I was born in the UK in the late 50's, the last of the baby boomers. I an also the baby that proves you can get pregnant if you are breast feeding! I was born just over a year after one of my sisters.

To get away from my two beloved sisters, even if was only mentally, I became a veracious reader, reading 3 or more books a week. I could sit between them on the sofa and be in another world - bliss. I read many different genre - I read War and Peace when I was 15 and at the same time I read westerns and Sci-Fi. I became a true romance addict in my 20's and I still am on today.

I have been a shop assistant, nursing auxiliary, civil servant, holiday home owner and optometrist. Now in my late 50's, I am writing the books she would like to read.

I now live in rural France with my husband and two dogs. Oh and for your information, I still read at least 2 books per week.