Ben Hourigan

Kiss Me, Genius Boy (No More Dreams #1)

Kiss Me, Genius Boy (No More Dreams #1) by Ben Hourigan
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fiction Children, Fiction
For readers of:Charles Bukowski, Milan Kundera, J. D. Salinger, Stephen Chbosky, Michel Houellebecq
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Print Length250 pages
PublisherNameless Books
About the Book

"In that moment, there arose all the resolve I hoped would be with me when I finally met her, and my vertigo turned to exultation. So what if she was married? I had contemplated that long ago, and decided I'd have her anyway." Joshua Rivers was born to expect great things. A former child prodigy and the son of a lottery winner, he also believes himself blessed with a vision of his perfect destiny and his perfect love. Now in his early twenties, Joshua already feels left behind by life. His long-time lover Lilian Lau is well on her way to becoming a famous artist, and his former classmates are also racing toward their success. Meanwhile, he waits for the moment, and the girl, that will show him his time has finally arrived. When it does, he resolves to take what is his, whatever it costs him or anyone. Kiss Me, Genius Boy is the first part of the No More Dreams series: an unusual story about love, ambition, and the problems of being privileged.

About the Author

Ben Hourigan is an Australian novelist and editor who travels extensively in Asia. He is the founder of Hourigan & Co., a consultancy offering editing, publishing, and digital media services to self-published authors, organizations, and individuals.

Before establishing himself as a full-time writer and editor, he worked as an editor and publisher in the magazine industry and for a Sydney think tank. He has a BA in English and Asian studies from the University of Melbourne, and an MBA from the University of New England.

He currently lives in Bangkok.

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