christopher strong

For fans of:Rolf Potts, Adam Gopnik, David Lebovitz, Peter mayles, Rick Steves

Christopher Strong certainly isn't the first person to write a book about travelling through France by Bicycle. But he may well be the only one who's done it for more than ten years, with no money for food or accomodation. (Europe on no dollars a day!)Relying solely on his faith in Human nature, Christopher cycled the French Country backroads with no fixed itinerary. Guided only by the sights, sounds and smells of each day. (What the french call : ''au pif'' - ''by the nose'') Each Night his faith was rewarded with genuine and sincere hospitality. And each new day filled with spontaneous adventure.Fortunately, for us, Christopher filmed those adventures. Initally just for himself. But finally realizing the uniqueness of his experience and wanting to share it - his travels birthed a lifestyle/adventure series - ''Bicycle Gourmet's Treasures of France. '' This book -''More Than A Year in Provence'' is based on those singular adventures.For me, what makes - ''More Than a Year in Provence '' so exceptional and important are two things : The uniqueness of his adventure. And His faith in Human nature. Never doubting that ''people will always be kind'' - Christopher experienced the proof. Each day. Each Night. For more than ten years. In a country where, when he began, he could barely speak the language.If effect, the ''Bicycle Gourmet'' is a digital cultural anthropologist. He's returned from the field. After meeting, eating and drinking with the natives. Sharing their lives. Their hopes and dreams. Success and failures. Their uncrushable spirit. All with the intensity that briefness brings. - Bookworthyreviews -