Bob Marsocci

For fans of:John Gray, Suzanne Venker, John Gottman

How did a guy who is wholly unqualified to provide marital advice end up writing a book giving that very thing? Good question.

After more than 20 years (and counting) as a husband--that's more than 192,000 hours as a married guy--I figured I had enough experience to write a marriage guide book to help other guys who are or will soon be married. (The best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell said you have to have "10,000 hours experience in a subject to be an expert." So by that measure, I'm a mega expert in marriage).

I readily admit I was (and my wife still says I sometimes still am) a clueless husband. I wrote You Exhaust Me because I know that there are a lot of guys who could benefit from my experience and lessons learned (often the hard way). If I can help even just one guy--whether he's engaged, a newlywed or even if he's been married for years--get a clue, well, mission accomplished.

I grew up in New England but have called Southern California home for many years, where I live with my wife, three daughters and two dogs.