Brian McMickle

Nothing Left

Nothing Left by Brian McMickle
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fiction Fiction, Humor
For readers of:Dean Koontz, Douglas Adams, Nick Hornby, Leah Rhyne, Rob Favre
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How many clichés have you heard in your lifetime about dealing with loss; it will get better, you'll find someone who deserves you, there are plenty fish in the sea...blah, blah, blah? The truth is that life hits pretty hard sometimes leaving you with the choice to battle through or just give up. Nothing Left takes a look at a couple characters that have been down on their luck. Through some very strange situations, some chance occurrences, and quite a few drinks, Jack Rawlings Jr. seeks to answer the question of how to get through the hard times and find something better.

About the Author


author of Nothing Left along with his latest novel, The Expansion Project, a sci-fi thriller that straps the reader’s own imaginarium to a rocket ship and hurls it through the quantum tunnels of space while exploring the adverse effects of mankind no longer being confined to a single corner of the universe.

Growing up in Locust Grove, Georgia, Brian acquired a knack for the art of storytelling at a very young age. As a musician, he continued honing his craft through his teens and twenties by writing songs, before finally trying his hand at his first fictional novel in 2009. Brian has an ability to create engaging characters that are crisp and complex, yet familiar. Whether on a cruise ship or in outer space, it is the characters that propel the stories and give the reader a feeling of thumbing through the journal of an old friend.

Brian currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina, with his wife and two children working amid the software industry as a Solution Architect.

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