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#REALEczemaRelief by Brittany Murray
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For readers of:C.S. Lewis, James Baldwin, Maya Angelou
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About the Book

This work depicts the resilient nature that all human beings embody. The reader will learn the best way to care for themselves or loved ones who have eczema by searching within and asking themselves questions; allowing those answers to produce a treatment plan.

About the Author

I AM Brittany Elizabeth Murray; a storyteller and scribe to the nations. Obedience to my life's assignment is the cost to HER freedom. I CARE. I DARE. I AM AWARE.

A native of Rock Hill, South Carolina, I am a wife, a mother and creative entrepreneur; producing compelling content on storytelling, mental health, and motherhood via multi-media platforms such as television, radio, and social media.

"...And she healed the world with her mind."

"She has the power to heal generations and nations through her decisions."

- Brittany Elizabeth Murray

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