WHOLINESS by Brother EDEN Douglas
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For readers of:Eckhart Tolle, Deepak Chopra, Barbara Marciniak
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Print Length62
ISBN0557441846 / 978-0557441846
PublisherLulu / EdenDust Publishing
Publication DateApril 30, 2010
About the Book

A Spiritual Journey of Self-Discovery

Brother EDEN Douglas chronicles his journey of Self-Discovery in this very detailed examination of his faith, sexuality and spiritual calling.

About the Author

Actor and Musician Brother EDEN Douglas has traveled extensively but makes his home, presently, in the desert of New Mexico, where his imagination has grown as vast as the horizon that surrounds him. Deeply committed to his spiritual path and awakening, these writings are direct reflections of his true passion:

Healing his world by teaching and incorporating one simple Truth at a time.

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WHOLINESS by Brother EDEN Douglas
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