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Issue 1: Genius

Issue 1: Genius by Byliner Weekly
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nonfiction Arts, Politics
For readers of:James Gleick, A.J. Jacobs, Tom Clynes, Pagan Kennedy, Robert Boynton
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Publication DateJanuary 20, 2013
About the Book

"Where does it come from?" asks a father early on in Tom Clynes's wonderful story, "The Boy Who Played with Fusion." He's referring to genius, and his fourteen-year-old son's unexpected possession of it. The father is a bottler in a Coca-Cola plant, the mother a yoga instructor; their son, unprompted and uninstructed, has somehow built a working reactor in the garage of the family's Reno, Nevada, home, becoming the youngest person on earth to achieve nuclear fusion.

Genius is the theme of this inaugural issue of Byliner Weekly, and a quintet of extraordinary writers roll up their sleeves and muck around in the topic. You'll meet the man with the highest IQ in America (195 and counting), explore the origins of Charles Darwin's brilliant with the award-winning science writer James Gleick, discover how a passion for making technology accessible drives MIT inventor Amy Smith, and find out (courtesy of the bestselling A.J. Jacobs) if genius is something that can be achieved by those of us who aren't quite there.

About the Author

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