Carey Green

Dragon Slayer: Beginnings (3 chapter sampler)

Dragon Slayer: Beginnings (3 chapter sampler) by Carey Green
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fiction Children, Fantasy
For readers of:J.R.R. Tolkien, Frank Peretti, Christopher Paolini, David Platt, John Ortberg
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Print Length351 pages
PublisherChristian Home and Family
Publication Date3/15/2014
About the Book

RELEASE DATE: March 15, 2014 - This is the FULL VERSION ebook. Any donations toward the production of the second book in the series (due out Thanksgiving of 2014) is greatly appreciated!


It had mystery, a love story, action, and the community of people coming together to fight this dragon which reminds me a lot of us as Christians. Are we not called to stand together to fight the enemy? - reviewer comment


Dragons have been forgotten, relegated to the realm of legend and myth. But tales of horror circulate among the common people. Rumors of their attacks float on the night wind. They are a fearsome presence that haunts the memories of the old and the nightmares of the young.

They are forgotten, but they are not gone.

The dragon masters wait, a dark force lurking in the shadows of every land.

They will have their opportunity. They will rise.

A young boy is stripped violently from his family and thrust into the conflict between dragon masters and feudal lords. Through tragedy and loss Hon is swept into the conflict while battling the fear and pain that grips his own soul.

Dragon Slayer: Beginnings is a story of life and the growth of faith in the midst of loss. It’s about the battle every person goes through to become more than their past has destined them to be.

He is the first. He will be the best. He is the Dragon Slayer.

About the Author

Writing book one, “Beginnings” has been a create joy and incredible challenge all at the same time!

I’m continually amazed at the grace of God that He’s enabled me to write this novel. I’ve always had a great desire to write, and as a youngster I read a ton. Combining my love of reading with the creation process of writing a book like this has been incredible! Thanks God!

But I've also written some non-fiction stuff - a marriage devotional, a spiritual growth notebook, a book about recharging your spiritual life. You can find them all at

I should tell you a bit about me. Just for fun, I’ll list them in order of importance!

  • I am a follower of Jesus Christ.
  • You can find my writings and much of the outgrowth of that faith at or .
  • I have 5 great kids and one great daughter-in-love, at this time… we’re praying for a son-in-love to show up soon…
  • I have one grandchild (that makes me “Grand-Pop”) and another on the way!
  • I’m self-employed as an author, internet business guy, podcast producer, marriage and family coach, and lots of other things. You can see everything I’m involved in at

The Dragon Slayer series comes from stories I told to my older three kids when they were small. Bedtime, road trips, and many other times I can remember hearing kids ask, “Dad, can you tell us a Hon story?”

I did… and they finally convinced me to put them into book form. I love to interact with readers, so please feel free to use the button above to contact me. I’m happy to discuss anything – from faith to writing to business to parenting to who won the last ball game. Shoot me a line!

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