Carmelo G Chimera

Magnificent Ashcan Edition Preview

Magnificent Ashcan Edition Preview by Carmelo G Chimera
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Formats Available PDF 9.9MB
fiction Comic, Fiction
For readers of:Robert Kirkman, Brian Michael Bendis, Warren Ellis, Grant Morrison
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PublisherChimera's Comics
About the Book

The first original graphic novel from Chimera's Comics about a Chicago superhero's journey before and after a disaster that changes the world forever. The world once knew Adam as a hero called "the Magnificent." Now, in the wake of an Earth-shattering cataclysm, a group of mercenaries has captured the young hero. After years of torture and experiments teach Adam his true strength, will he take his revenge - or will he choose to be a hero one last time? This Ashcan Edition features 12 pages from the graphic novel, plus character dossiers and art from special guest Art Baltazaar. "Magnificent" is available as hardcover, digital comic, and novelization.

About the Author

After Carmelo crash-landed on Earth, he grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. He co-founded Chimera’s Comics before graduating from the University of Chicago Law School. Over the last two years, he's raised over $90K on Kickstarter, including funding his first graphic novel "Magnificent." When he’s not practicing law, running his business, or writing, Carmelo likes to make custom action figures and travel the world. It's not clear if he ever sleeps.

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