Carol Crawford

Married a Virgin (Chapter1)

Married a Virgin (Chapter1) by Carol Crawford
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fiction Fiction, Romance
For readers of:Sexy Erotic Romance, Sexy Erotic Romance, Sexy Erotic Romance
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About the Book

Laura is the type that never wears makeup let

alone anything too revealing no matter the circumstances. She also loves hiding behind her large geek glasses.

The first day her path crosses with Brad, an award-winning awkward moment prevails.

Brad has perfect looks of a Greek God, the type that grabs everyone's attention irrespective of the gender. His British accent is to die for.

There is always something sexy about a man with an accent.

Brad, once he is fixated on a woman, she is the center of his life, his dreams and his fantasy.

Laura gets so fond of Brad, she can't think of anyone that's sweeter than him.

Chemistry grows stronger, days pass, they tie the knots.

Life is so unpredictable and no one sees Brad's other affair coming up. I mean, not with the way he loved Laura. But what happens has happened and there is nothing we can do about it.

Laura's frustration about Brad ignites her to drive off from home. Co-incidentally, she is arrested by Scott, a very impatient, ruthless and strong bodied man.

His totally wet trousers had managed to map out his hard on... Laura arouses indifferent sensations he couldn't explain, but... No, he wouldn’t. He wouldn’t risk it... But she...

About the Author

Carol G. Crawford

received her M.A in English Literature, and she is a professional writer. She is currently living in Florida, near Miami Beach. Living in this city for more than 10 years makes her so familiar with the beach, the people and the tourist. She loves going to the beach in the early morning to get her idea for the books she writes. Carol G. Crawford is especially interested in writing romance/erotic stories, she believes that sexuality is human's nature therefore, people should not be shy to talk about it. Carol G. Crawford believes and put her feeling in every novel she wrote. Try reading her story and you will know that she put her heart and soul in them.

In the free time Carol G. Crawford loves to play and listen to classical music to explore the deeper part of her imagination. Carol G. Crawford is also doing a charity work for a non-profit organization as a sex-education consultant, which promotes people to have safe and healthy sex.

She hopes you enjoy her writing work, so she can keep writing about what she believes in.

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