Cassia Amans

For fans of:Elizabeth Rose, Joan Kayse, Elisabeth Storrs, Milinda Jay

Hi Reader.

Thanks for coming to my author page.

I am a blue eyed blonde with a firey temper and I love pasta. My coloring comes from my Swedish mother although my shape is more like my beloved but tubby Italian grandmother. My father's Italian family is also responsible for the temper, the pasta habit and also needing great coffee to wake up.

I live with my husband, Tophe, in upstate New York and am lucky to work from home When I write I have 3 cats and a dog trying to get my attention so sometimes I have to give up as Micky, a tabby likes to sit on the keyboard..

This is my first published book but not the first I have written. I've scribbled stories in notebooks from childhood and told them to my dolls and animals. The notebooks are safely stored in boxes until they can be published.

Why a Roman Romance?

I have always been facinated by The Roman Empire.It lasted over 500 years and conquered most of the know ancient world including Greece and Carthage. That's over two times longer than from the Declaration of Independence to now! Why Pompeii in particular ? Just seeing the images of Pompeii and the dead makes me want to weave stories about the people who lived there at the time of the last eruption and I think a gladiator makes a great hero.