Chadia Mathurin

pure. - Being A Virgin Isn't Enough

pure. - Being A Virgin Isn't Enough by Chadia Mathurin
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Virginity = Purity?

What does it mean to be pure in a world of smartphones, unbridled and neverending access? What does it mean to be pure in the age of the glorified self? What does it mean to be pure in the 21st century?

pure. (Being A Virgin Isn't Enough) answers the question of what it means to truly aspire to the Christian virtue of purity. From the onset Chadia demolishes the popular misconception that virginity = purity and with a well-balanced combination of story telling, wit, humor, and Biblical insight, she sets out to give an intrinsic and relevant definition of purity; what it means in a world that venerates flirtation, instant gratification, instant access, undetached sex, and pornography.

About the Author

Chadia Mathurin is a 20-something serial entrepreneur, author, and public speaker from the Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. She is the author of the Amazon Bestseller, "Being A Virgin Isn't Enough" and two installments under the "The Letters Project". When she's not writing, she manages a group of companies dedicated to the telling and sharing of African and Caribbean stories (which sometimes includes lots of writing), she enjoys listening to, playing and composing music and she often spearheads boisterous debates on international development, human nature, and politics in the developing world.

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