Church Johnson

Controversial Love

Controversial Love by Church Johnson
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Publication Date08/25/2013
About the Book

I am a writer who decided to turn my writing company "Uniek81Books" into a Publishing Company.

I hope you enjoy this eBook and I hope to serve the world with more fun eBooks.

I invite all writers and I do mean all writers, to come out and join me on my quest to takeover the minds of people with words

that would change their life.

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About the Author

Church Johnson has always had a love affair with poetry. From the age of 15 he has expressed his feelings and ideas of love and life through his lyrical prose and today he is ready to share his art with the world. Almost 15 years in the making his books will soon be seen by the masses, but here you can get a glimpse of what this poet and aspiring actor is all about.

Born in the Bronx in the Winter of 1984, Church always saw things a little differently. It wasn’t until his teenage years that he was able to express himself poetically through his work. Through his travels and interaction with different people in his life, Church has been able to not only draw on his life experiences, but the experiences of others to create thought-provoking and moving poetry.

He has also been able to draw inspiration from his love of all things beautiful and artistic and that includes MUSIC. There isn’t a day that goes by that Church isn’t moved by lyrics and sound. From Jay-Z to Coltrane; from Indie Rock to Gospel, you can find musical influence throughout his lyrical and smooth, jazz-like flow. - See more at:

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