Cole NeSmith

For fans of:Steven Pressfield, Seth Godin, Madeleine L’Engle, Andy Crouch, Bill Johnson

Cole NeSmith is the Pastor and Creative Director of City Beautiful Church in Orlando, FL. Additionally, Cole is heavily involved in the arts and culture of Orlando. He has been given opportunities to build cultural momentum for the city first hand through initiatives with the Downtown Development Board, United Arts of Central Florida as well as the Office of the Mayor.

He created and curates the Creative City Project which hosts artists and arts organizations performing in unexpected downtown public spaces. Through the Creative City Project, he has partnered with Cirque du Soleil, Orlando Ballet, SAK Comedy Lab, Mad Cow Theatre and dozens of other arts organizations.

Cole is also owner of Uncover The Color - an interactive and immersive experience company. Through Uncover The Color, Cole has partnered with the Catalyst Conference, the Echo Conference, the Cru National Leadership Conference, the Cru Bi-Annual Summer Conference and many other events.

Cole wrote and co-created the award winning “Connected : An Interactive Experience” which premiered at the Orlando International Fringe Theater Festival in 2012. He is also co-creator of The Tree of Light, an interactive sculpture.

His combination of artist, musician, actor, prophet and pastor brings a unique perspective to our lives and faith.