Colin Owen

The Adventures of Flora Small

The Adventures of Flora Small by Colin Owen
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fiction Children
For readers of:Sci-fi, Christianity, Romance, Humour, Short stories
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Print Length45
PublisherColin Owen
Publication DateAugust 2011
About the Book

Flora Small is a cute little ten-year-old who lives with her mom, Betty, and her dad, George, in a big old house in the country. The Smalls are special because they live behind the skirting board in the hallway near the big front door. As their name implies, the Smalls are, well, small. Follow Flora’s adventures as she learns about finding from her dad, and eventually goes solo.

1st two chapters only...

About the Author

I am a life-long musician, born in Liverpool in the late forties. This put me slap bang in the middle of the Mersey Beat era in the sixties. I learned to play guitar at age 11, and ‘did’ the cavern club at age 13. I had to bunk off school to do it! So, if you are one of those who bought a piece of the cavern stage, I walked on it!

By profession, I am a recording studio engineer. I have recorded several solo albums and hundreds for various artists over many decades. There was a time when music was my passion, that is no longer true, my passion is my Saviour, Jesus Christ, but music, and now, writing, are both major parts of my life.

I didn’t begin to write until my early fifties. The idea just popped into my head one day, and try as I might, I couldn’t ignore it. I just had to write. I thought, if I write something, I'll get it out of my system. Well, that didn’t work! I got the bug and spent the next few years writing every day. I did have a break from it for a while, but it was never far away. Recently it has returned and I am writing again.

To date I have published: 4 Novels, 3 childrens' books, 1 novella, 1 Christian doctrine book and 3 books each with 30 short stories.

I have 1 book awaiting publishing.

I live in a beautiful part of England, famous for its hills and Spring water. I am single, and no longer young, but life is good, because God is good.

My sincerest best wishes to all who read this Bio.


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