Colin Zwiebel

The Way Brilliant Souls Cry: A Novella

The Way Brilliant Souls Cry: A Novella by Colin Zwiebel
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fiction Fiction, Romance
For readers of:Dostoevsky, Notes from the Underground, The Idiot, The Stranger, Moscow to the End of the Line
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Print Length50 Pages
PublisherColin Zwiebel
Publication Date02/09/15
About the Book

Why did he teach us so much? But then again who was he not to? Was he teaching us all along, and we were just to blind to see it? ~The protagonist in The Way Brilliant Souls Cry is a great performer and artist who wants only to love-and to be loved in return. But his relationship with the mentally wrecked, bipolar Katrina threatens to destroy him.Following one of his shows, the artist is approached by Katrina's father, Richard. The man makes a plea for the artist to visit Katrina in the hospital-claiming that he is the only one who can bring her out of her depression. The artist has always loved her with all his being and agrees to visit her.Shortly after, the two troubled souls become engaged and embark on a month long holiday in Europe. Upon their return, he throws himself wholeheartedly into preparing another show. But shortly after the show opens, the couple's relationship starts to unravel. Katrina and the artist break up and reconcile many times until their final ending is tragically realized.This is a story about the human need for love as told from the perspective of the artist's friend Luna. The Way Brilliant Souls Cry is the depiction of madness-turned-genius and back again; it examines the gifts that our lives give to other people and illustrates how pain isn't always easy to recognize. ~Of course I wonder why he did it, and without so much as a cry for help, or even noticeable changes in behavior to give us some clue, some hint at his inner state, his torment. No, that would be asking too much of him to be honest with us. You see, he was not only a great performer on stage, but off stage as well.

About the Author

After his self-admission and release from a mental hospital, Colin Zwiebel decided to direct his energies toward healing himself by writing. Haunted and tormented by the traumas of his past, he now transforms them into allegorical fiction.

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