Vanessa Shealy

For fans of:comic books and graphic novels, Amulet, Lemony Snicket, Harry Potter

Vanessa Shealy is a writer and actor whose produced full-length plays include Tea in the Afternoon, American Drum Circle, and One, Two, Whatever you do...  She's written three produced short films, and has been recognized for television writing from the Nickelodeon Writing Program, Scriptapalooza, and the FanFiction Festival. Vanessa is a lover of the solo show and live storytelling genres and frequently performs in or curates festivals. She lives in New York City and can be found at

Leah Lovise is an illustrator, graphic designer, and animator. Her projects include animation for the Amazon Prime series Undone, Warner Independent Picture's feature film A Scanner Darkly, post-production for The History Channel's Jurassic Fight Club, along with motion graphics and branding for a variety of video productions. Leah is passionate about developing visual ways of approaching solutions. She lives in Austin, Texas and can be found at