Curtis Kray

For fans of:Brian Brushwood, Simon Lovell, Dennis M. Marlock, Todd Robbins, Kevin D. Mitnick

I started dabbling in the underground investment world decades ago while I was still deep in the corporate executive rat race. A few months after that I left the cubicle people world for good. It was a good decision. I like what I do and the rewards that come with it. I had a very interesting life until now and I am sure the fun will continue.

Nowadays I take on just a few consulting projects a year. Earlier in 2014 I decided to share some of what I know and penned my first book High Yield Secrets: How To Make Serious Money With HYIPs. I hope you enjoy it and profit from it. I certainly did enjoy writing it, so much so that I continued writing and a second book soon followed: FOREXING: How to Make Money with Forex Even If You Don’t Trade. That is a good one too, and more will follow…

Take care!

Curtis Kray