Danial Suits

The Life of a Book

The Life of a Book by Danial Suits
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fiction Children, Fiction
For readers of:john grisham, stephen king, dr seuss, nora roberts, nicholas sparks
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Print Length118
ISBN 978-0615425559
PublisherDanial Suiits
Publication Date2010
About the Book

The Life of a Book is a collection of short stories shared by the book. Each time the book gets checked out from the library, it has a new story to be told, including getting shown off like a trophy, getting lost and misplaced, being a best friend, telling how a girl throws a tantrum because the parents tell her she can't take it to school, getting treasured, and many more, all the while wondering what will happen the next time it gets checked out from the library.

About the Author

Danial Suits (born September 7, 1980) is an American author from Amarillo, TX. He was raised in Indianapolis, In and always enjoyed writing since he was a kid. He went through most of his young age without a girlfriend to send romance poems to. This left him with being a hopeless romantic and a lot of things to say but nowhere to put them besides keeping them in his head. when he joined Facebook in 2010, he realized he found a venue for his poems and spent a few years posting them. He moved with his family to Arkansas in 2007 and got a job at walmart where he started writing a non-fiction book Honesty vs Customer Service just to show his dad he could do it. As a beginner in the writing industry, he realized his mistake in non-fiction book, editors are required in this field. He was then inspired by his dad to write a children's book The Life of a Book, and The Assignment: Book One. After an inspiring conversation with a long time friend, he was published his first romance novel The Diner by The Lake. His current projects due out soon are A Simple Touch (romance) and some short stories.

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