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iPhone Only Photography: SHOOTING ESSENTIALS

iPhone Only Photography: SHOOTING ESSENTIALS by David Molnar
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nonfiction Arts, Education
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Print Length55 pages
PublisherDavid Molnar Photography LLC
About the Book

I believe we all have an important story. If you don’t capture your story, who will? Maybe no one. And that’s why:

The best camera in the world is the one that’s always in your pocket.

This eBook will teach you two of the three MOST IMPORTANT lessons to get UHHHMAAZZZZING photos every time with your iPhone:

1. How to take manual control of your iPhone camera.

2. How to create strong composition.

3. How to edit to recreate the feelings you felt when you took the photo. (Only in the full version)


iPhone Only Photography: SHOOTING ESSENTIALS is a condensed version of my full book iPhone Only Photography that comes out very soon!

About the Author

David Molnar is a husband, new daddy, author and a music and advertising photographer. His work has been seen on Pepsi cans, in People Magazine, Real Simple Magazine, The New York Times, and on American Idol. His clients include Dolby, Sony, EMI, March of Dimes, Cracker Barrel, Atlantic Records, and more. David travels the world photographing, speaking, teaching, and telling cheesy jokes while wearing his signature blue V-neck. He also serves on the board of directors for KnowThinkAct.com, a non-profit committed to empowering local leaders working to end extreme poverty in Africa.

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