Destiny S. Harris

For fans of:Self-help, Health, Feminism, Goals, Finance


Destiny Harris is a San Diego, California native. Growing up, she spent a lot of her time reading, writing, and working for herself as an entrepreneur with several different ventures. In elementary school, she developed a genuine fondness for writing; as a result, she published her first book, "Beauty Secrets for Girls" at age 11, and her second book, "Don't Wait Until It's Too Late", at age 13. Her favorite style of writing includes short books and essays.Destiny Harris is not only a writer, editor, and entrepreneur, but also a public speaker; she has spoken at numerous engagements which include partnering with: the US Army,high schools, and the Partnership Success Foundation. She is now an alumna at the University of Georgia where she obtained three degrees in: Political Science (Public Policy & Management), Psychology, & Women's Studies #GoDawgs. Aside from writing, she loves to: read, learn, workout, walk, travel, watch science & nature documentaries, and eat.


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