Diana Fitts

The Runner's Goal Setting Workbook

The Runner's Goal Setting Workbook by Diana Fitts
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nonfiction Health, Sports
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Print Length7 pages
Publication DateApril 2016
About the Book

From a runner who understands what it takes to maintain a running routine with a busy lifestyle, comes the essential step-by-step guide to setting better running goals. Whether you dream of completing a 5k or an ultramarathon, finding the time to train can be an unforeseen stumbling block in your success. How do you balance a new running routine with your other responsibilities? How do you make running a sustainable part of your life? How do you prevent burnout, injury, and getting overwhelmed by your goals?

This short, 7 page guide will take you through the 4 quick steps to set a schedule, time your upcoming race, determine your “why,” and foresee upcoming detours. With interactive charts and questions, Fitts takes you through a customizable process for developing a sustainable running life. Based on your priorities, your desires, and your needs, this guide will help you understand how your lifestyle and goals work together to promote your happiness and success. Whether running is your number one priority, or a casual hobby, Fitts will offer perspective on how your running goal fits into the bigger picture of your life.

About the Author

Everyone is capable of achieving their goals and realizing their dreams. They just need the right tools.

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If you're a runner, check out her new book about better goal setting in the sport.

In her books, Diana Fitts provides strategies for readers to take control of their goals and see them through to success. Her work emphasizes taking action today, helping readers understand the steps and lifestyle changes that will jumpstart progress. When not helping others achieve their goals, Diana Fitts can be found running, reading, and listening to podcasts.

Live with no limits!

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