What Next?: How to Enjoy Success, Beat Indecision, and Take Action Towards Your Future Goals

Diana Fitts

What Next?: How to Enjoy Success, Beat Indecision, and Take Action Towards Your Future Goals by Diana Fitts
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Print Length106 pages
Publication DateJanuary 11, 2016
About the Book

Have you ever achieved a goal and then asked yourself, “what next?” You finally reach a goal, but the celebration is cut short. You feel panicked as you face questions of the bigger and better goal around the corner. One minute you are overjoyed by your success, but the next you find yourself victim to post-achievement paralysis and the “what next” trap.

How do you choose your next goals?

In a success-driven society, it is easy to become obsessed with choosing perfect goals that will lead to perfect lives. As we all race to the top, there is no time for mistakes, wrong turns, or even celebration. Instead of appreciating your accomplishments, you let paralysis and anxiety over the next step halt your progress towards your dreams.

How do you celebrate success?

What Next? is your guide as you celebrate your biggest goals and look forward to your next steps. You will learn how to approach your goals so as to rid yourself of the anxiety that comes with achievement and turn your dreams into life-long, sustainable habits. From changing the vocabulary surrounding your goals, to throwing your excuses out the window, What Next? will teach you strategies for shifting your mindset surrounding your goals so that they are motivating and rewarding, as opposed to overbearing and paralyzing.

How do you take action towards your dreams today?

As a free gift to readers and goal setters, with your purchase of What Next?, you will receive access to the 7-Step Goal Setters Action Plan. Used in conjunction with the strategies presented in the book, this action plan will guide you as you discern your future goals. This is your life and it’s time to take control of it.

About the Author

Everyone is capable of achieving their goals and realizing their dreams. They just need the right tools.

To stay up to date with her work, join her mailing list at her website dianafitts.com

If you're a runner, check out her new book about better goal setting in the sport.

In her books, Diana Fitts provides strategies for readers to take control of their goals and see them through to success. Her work emphasizes taking action today, helping readers understand the steps and lifestyle changes that will jumpstart progress. When not helping others achieve their goals, Diana Fitts can be found running, reading, and listening to podcasts.

Live with no limits!

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What Next?: How to Enjoy Success, Beat Indecision, and Take Action Towards Your Future Goals by Diana Fitts
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