Douglas Mann

For fans of:Andy Crouch, Madeliene L'Engle, Steve Turner, Makoto Fujimura, Erwin McManus

I’m a former record producer, published songwriter, a music business and book-publishing executive, missionary and now a published author, activist and creative inciter.

As an author, my writing style can best be described as Inspire to Act Nonfiction or better yet, A Cup of Cold Water in your Face Nonfiction.

Known as a “Creative Inciter,” I embrace the role of risk-taker culminating in positive and productive action from truth.

My writing studio is 6' x 6' and often makes me wonder if Tolstoy described my space when he wrote, “Six feet of land is all he needed.” Thankfully, imagination and creativity know no geographical boundaries.

I believe creative expression through art can impact the world around us. We can live out our faith creatively and push beyond the borders culture and church have placed on service and social justice. It’s an act of creative incitement. It’s the art of helping others.