Ellison Blackburn

Virtue Us [preview]

Virtue Us [preview] by Ellison Blackburn
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For readers of:Margaret Atwood, Amy Harmon, Marc Levy, Kate Morton
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Print Length75
PublisherGoldbrier Press
Publication DateFebruary 26, 2019
About the Book

Love is...

Years of bio-enhancement has resulted in a nearly perfect race of lookalike humans. But how does one compete for love in a world where only the fittest survive? Where everyone is almost perfect—just like you?

Raine Dodge, a social engineer for Crane Media Enterprises, has been considering the problem for some time, and she’s finally designed the ideal solution.

Virtue Us

The future of love is Virtue Us. Catch a glimpse. Claim your preview of “Virtue Us” or get the whole story today.

VIRTUE US is a cyberpunk novella for fans of dystopian and post-apocalyptic science fiction.

About the Author

An ongoing student of the arts and sciences and a long-time information technology professional, Ellison Blackburn has been watchful of the line dividing advancement and humanity for decades. Also the author of numerous novels and short stories in mixed genres—namely historical fiction, mystery and suspense, and science fiction and fantasy—all her stories contain an element of technological improbability made real. As a speculative device, she hopes this invites readers to consider their own view of our progress as a species, the opportunities confronting us each day, and the future we are creating.

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