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Lyric Writing Guide

Lyric Writing Guide by Eve Williams
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nonfiction Education, Professional
For readers of:Neville Shute, Joyce Myer, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, T.H. White
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About the Book

Do you want to be able to write lyrics that really move people? Do you want to eb able to connect with audiences? Do you want to completely avoid cheese and write lyrics that make your music sound professional?

In this practical guide you will discover

• How to write lyrics that emotionally engage listeners
• How to avoid cheese or lack of story progession

• How to craft strong lyrical hooks

• How to make your lyrics memorable

• How to use imagery, metaphor and lyrical economy effectively

Eve Williams MMus
is a published songwriter with artist cuts in the UK and Europe. Her music has been used in documentaries and advertising. She holds a Master’s degree in Songwriting and has been named One to Watch twice by Nashville Songwriters Association International.

‘Songwriting is clearly her strength’

– Maverick Country, UK

‘ An artist of considerable sophistication recognised for her powerful toplines and moving lyrics’

– The Musician Magazine, UK

About the Author

Eve Williams is both a songwriter and author living in Northern Ireland. After leaving her former job following unsuccessful treatment for a sever form of rheumatoid arthritis, she became a professional musicians and writes to help others follow their own dreams.

Eve holds both an Honours and Master's degree in English Literature form the Queen's University of Belfast. She studies Anglo-Saxon English and has recently lectured on the friendship between J.R.R., Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, so her luteray influences are many and varied.

Her writing is war, and personal and invites you into her world whilst adding some light to your own.

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