E'yen A. Gardner

Extreme Makeover

Extreme Makeover by E'yen A. Gardner
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About the Book

Extreme Makeover takes us through a process, from demolition to completion, in seven days. We are stripped of mediocrity, allowing us to see the true treasure that we hold inside. When the makeover is complete, we are inspired to discover life, love, our purpose and our dreams. Extreme Makeover will encourage you to live a new life; your best life!

About the Author

E'yen and his wife of 14 years have six children, they reside in Ohio.

E'yen has 13 published books in various genres such as spiritual growth, self-help, poetry, and love and marriage.

E'yen is passionate about helping people discover their purpose and live their best life. His desire is to inspire others to see that the life they want is possible, and push them to take action towards reaching their dreams.

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