Faris O'Neill

For fans of:Erotic Romance & BDSM, Selena Kitt, Sierra Cartwright, Alexa Riley, Pepper Winters

As full a life as I’ve had so far, I will probably never experience being caught spying on a BDSM play party, for example, like Claire does in My Lovely Voyeur. But I’m so curious! Vampires, Sybians, submission, strong sexy Doms…I crave adventures. You only live once, so grab all the gusto you can.

My favorite things growing up in Colorado were horseback riding, rodeo, dancing, martial arts, dogs, and boys. Then I discovered sex. I have a wild imagination.

My best activities at U of C Boulder were raising hell and telling tall tales, and they actually gave me an MFA in creative writing for that. I supported myself through school as an exotic dancer, so the tall tales are true.

After I graduated, I took off for a year to trek the Andean Altiplano in Peru, with my boyfriend and a donkey named Noelle. I learned Quechua, the indigenous language of the Incan Empire, and collected folk stories. I also spent two years in Vietnam studying a martial arts practice called Vovinam, which trains both the mind and body in spiritual pursuits. I meditate daily and sometimes chase and herd our goats with a wooden stick.

I believe all aspects of human sexual engagement are important and valid, as long as it’s between consenting adults and does not intentionally hurt anyone. The range of sexuality that humans have employed to express their individuality fascinates me. As I said above, even the experiences that I will probably never be able to explore myself are fascinating, and I love to research and write about everything fun and freaky.

I now live on a small ranch near my sprawling clan in Colorado, with a burly husband, two elfish sons and an ever-changing menagerie of dogs, birds, cats, goats, hamsters, and assorted other small beasts.