Tetha by Fran
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About the Book

The case for the disabled Africa child is dire. The majority of Africans with disabilities live as the poorest of the poor. School enrolment for the disabled is estimated at no more than 5-10 percent and as many as 70-80 percent of working age people with disabilities are unemployed. Social stigma associated with disability often results in marginalization and isolation.

The purpose of this E-book is to wrap the hard edges of a near hopeless situation in the loving and understanding arms of a story. My desire is that in reading this your understanding and empathy for the issue of disability across the continent of Africa will deepen. This touching story is about a boy named Tetha.

About the Author

I like words. The right words. Words that make me laugh, impact a life, pivot a moment and realign a destiny. Words that make you go, “yeah, maybe?” Or, “Isn’t that funny?” Or "I never saw it like that!”

I’ve spent countless hours thinking about faith, choices, people, how to live and I know I’m not alone. So why, I thought, keep these things to myself?

I want to be an inspiration and I’m determined to take hold of the opportunities I have and make something good. I’m hopeful that by sharing some of my thoughts something somewhere, or someone somewhere can be better.

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