Graphically Christian Studios

For fans of:C. S. Lewis, Ray Bradbury, Brian Michael Bendis, Cormac McCarthy, Joss Whedon

GC Studios was founded in 2007 by Jonathan Matos and Matthew Snipes. Then it was POW Comics, as the two are native Philadelphians writing Original Works (thus, P.O.W.)! Since then, the two have taken on editing Gauntlet Comics and Gauntlet Magazine, a comic anthology and literary magazine that challenge Christian writers and artists to use sci-fi, fantasy, and experimental literature to express their love for God.

Jonathan Matos has written comics, short stories, and just finished his first novel, Cain & Able. He edits and designs the Graphically Christian Studios' magazines and website, and blogs about Christian / geeky adjacent news. He is currently working on a secret project with artist Jason Farren, which he hopes to publish globally.

Matt Snipes is the Art Editor of GC Studios. He edits Gauntlet comics and provides much needed visual arts know-how to all members of the team.