Geoffrey Neil

For fans of:Stephen King, John Grisham, Joe Hill

Geoffrey Neil lives with his wife and talkative son live in Los Angeles with a useless, ungrateful fish that Geoffrey threatens at least once daily. Writing novels has proven to be a grueling process for Geoffrey, but he can't break the obsession even though he tries to prioritize sleep, TV and people over keyboards. His books provide a satisfying scare with very little blood, a tactic many readers find equally assaulting on the senses. Geoffrey's overactive imagination and genuine fear of almost everything are tools that help him write novels, but also get him wound tighter than an eight-day clock. His wife calls him the mayor of Stress Town. Go try one of his books. It will make the poor guy feel better ... And that could save a pathetic fish.

Oh, and he's written three novels to-date: Dire Means, Human Resources and Wanton Regard (all available on Amazon)