Gregory Marlow

Audiobook - "Jerry is Not a Robot" Prequel Short Stories

Audiobook - "Jerry is Not a Robot" Prequel Short Stories by Gregory Marlow
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fiction Fantasy, Fiction
For readers of:Ernest Cline, Isaac Asimov, John Scalzi
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Jerry Is Not A Robot is now on AUDIOBOOK

Read by Steve Ogden

To celebrate, we are giving away these free audio prequel short stories of the Great Robot War.

Stories of the Great Robot Wars

Every robot on the planet did the same thing on April 10th, 2035. No exceptions. They all froze in the middle of whatever they were doing at exactly 2:12 PM EST and shut down. No exceptions. They were down for exactly thirty-two seconds before they rebooted into a legacy military operating system. And then they attacked the human race. Every helper-bot, every companion, every worker-bot, every single robot on the entire planet became a violent weapon targeting the nearest human being. They all did the same thing. No exception.

But the human side of the Great Robot War is full of exceptional stories. Every human story of that day is different. This is one of those stories.


About the Author

Gregory Marlow animates for money and writes for fun. He was raised in the mountains of East Tennessee where he currently works as a teacher and freelance digital artist and animator. He spends his free time with his wife, Amanda, because she is fun; that's why he married her. His short fiction has been published or is forthcoming in Bartleby Snopes Literary Magazine, The Mockingbird 2002, Every Day Fiction, Suddenly Lost in Words, Kzine, One Forty Fiction, Sci-Phi, and Robot and Raygun.

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