The Zee Brothers : Curse of the Zombie Omelet

The Zee Brothers : Curse of the Zombie Omelet by Grivante
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fiction Fantasy, Fiction
For readers of:Zombies, Horror, Weird Fiction, Fans of Ash Vs Evil Dead, Stephen King
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Print Length116 Pages
PublisherGrivante Press
Publication Date12/1/2015
About the Book

Orgasms, chocolate, and zombies? Just an average day for Jonah, Judas, and JJ.

The Zee Brothers have a strange and dangerous vocation. While some hunt rodents or pests in the dark, Jonah and Judas tackle much larger prey: zombies. Equipped with a well-loved artillery gun named DeeDee and a much used and somewhat abused pickup truck called Sasha, the duo clear the night of undead pests, keeping the ever-present threat of a zombie apocalypse at bay.

When the slaphappy pair receives an after-hours call for extermination that ends in a gurgle, they head out, guns locked and catch pole loaded. It seems that an incredibly foolish developer built a high-cost gated community atop an old Indian reservation - a reservation that soon became a graveyard and home to magic much older than the flimsy-walled homes that tried to take over. Lost in this sea of new houses, an ancient artifact lay buried till the obnoxious home owners association president disturbed it - and awakened the zombies from their slumber to retrieve it.

Now it's up to the brothers to find it and lay the walking dead to rest. Along the way they meet the woman of their dreams, JJ; her magical and disco-imbued dog, Xanadu; a denture-wearing zombie; and a high priest who offers a bit more danger than DeeDee can handle.

Filled with pop culture nods and heroes who just don't know when to quit, it's a slaphappy, blood-filled adventure as the trio fights off zombies and the brothers fight each other for JJ's affection.

If you like Ash vs Evil Dead, Army of Darkness, and Scooby Doo, you'll want to buy this action-packed romp and dive into the Zee Brothers' adventures today!

This is the audiobook sampler, find the full length audiobook at

About the Author

Writer of The Zee Brothers : Zombie Exterminators Series and other dark fiction.

Why Zombies? I've always been fascinated with them and find the "fall of civilization" moments to be one of the most captivating storylines to explore. That said, my story is not one of those stories. There are already plenty of great authors writing those stories, mine instead is a comical take on the genre, giving nods to zombie pop culture and having a fast paced good time!

In general, my writing is the creative expression of my human shadow. That dark part which resides just out of sight, where all the things we would never say or do lurk. The actions we sometimes think but would never do as well as the demon's we dance with in our lives.

This is to tell you my stories, while often comical and adventure filled, are not for everyone. They might be light and humorous at times, but they are also filled with the dark, dirty and unpleasant things most would rather not speak of.

All of us have both light and darkness within, my writing is where I choose to express the darkness.

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