Jessica Murray

07/2013-08/2013: travel blog (2/2)

07/2013-08/2013: travel blog (2/2) by Jessica Murray
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For readers of:Journals, Blogs, Biography, Satire, Speculative Philosophy, Pop Science, Pynchon, Joyce, Orwell, Kafka, Hitchens, Dawkins, Chomsky, Vonnegut, Gibson, Socrate, Bakunin, Marx, Paine
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Publication Datemay 2, 2019
About the Book

second semester 2013 travel blog (current reality abridgement), in a readable chronology.

About the Author

most of the books posted here are going to be autobiographical, but i am primarily a guitarist and composer of electronic music that likes to rant. we'll see how this develops...

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