Jacob T. Tanner

For fans of:C. S. Lewis, Billy Graham, John Piper, David Jeremiah, John F. MacArthur

Jacob T. Tanner is a writer, preacher, and evangelist. He is an ordained Reverend and travels around to churches, preaching at any and every opportunity. Writing has always been Jacob's first passion. As far back as he can recall, he has always dreamed of becoming a published author. Becoming a preacher was not something he had originally planned on, but God's calling over his life proved far too difficult to ignore.

Reverend Tanner enjoys writing in a variety of literary genres. He has written much poetry over the years and has had a few of those poems published. He has also self-published a few e-books.

Reverend Tanner attempts to record most of his sermons too. He hopes that whether you read one his works or listen to one of his sermons that you will be blessed. Jacob has often said: "Everything I do, I do for Jesus." He hopes that you will learn from the messages God lays upon his heart and that you will be entertained by the things he writes.