James Palmer

For fans of:Robert E. Howard, H.P. Lovecraft, Charles Stross

James palmer is a writer, editor and publisher of science fiction and pulp adventure. He has written articles, interviews, columns and fiction for Strange Horizons, Funds for Writers, Tangent Online, and The Internet Review of Science Fiction. His stories have appeared in anthologies published by Airship 27 Productions, Pro Se Press, and White Rocket Books.

James is the editor and co-creator of the shared world giant monster anthologies Monster Earth and Betrayal on Monster Earth, as well as the weird west anthology Strange Trails and Robots Unleashed!, all published by Mechanoid Press. He just released Into the Weird: The Collected Stories of James Palmer, collecting all of his published weird and new pulp fiction to date. A recovering comic book addict, James lives in Northeast Georgia with his wife and daughter. For more info on his shenanigans, visit jamespalmerbooks.com and mechanoidpress.com.