James R. Nowlin J.D.

The Purposeful Millionaire: 52 Rules for Creating a Life of Wealth and Happiness

The Purposeful Millionaire: 52 Rules for Creating a Life of Wealth and Happiness by James R. Nowlin J.D.
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nonfiction Business, Health
For readers of:Dr. Sharon Spano, Dr. Hopelyn Mullings Brown, Daymond John
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PublisherPublish Your Purpose Press
Publication DateApril 23, 2017
About the Book

A near-death boating accident forced 31-year-old James Nowlin to take a long hard look in the mirror. As a result of what he calls his “awakening,” this already self-made millionaire and respected CEO reshaped his perspective and reprioritized his life. In The Purposeful Millionaire, James shares the four-part formula he used to transform his life into one of abundance and purposefulness. He believes that if he can survive the literal waters from which he was pulled, you too can survive—and thrive—in life’s roughest waters. In this book, you’ll learn how to: · Shift thoughts of self-doubt and fear into ones of certainty · Attract abundant personal and business relationships · Use discipline and routine as the foundation of success · Adopt an attitude of humility, kindness, and gratitude · Arm yourself with the self-made-millionaire mindset The Purposeful Millionaire will take you on a journey of self-mastery, guiding you to unlock your greater purpose; to achieve your highest success; and to live an epic, powerful, and abundant life. Your life is in your control!

About the Author

James R. Nowlin, he was a millionaire businessman long before he ever wrote a book on success or got paid to give any speech. At the age of 26, he found himself a first-generation success story bravely walking away from a six-figure practice as a corporate attorney to start his own business. Little did he know at the time, the launch of his corporate consulting firm, Excel Global Partners, would coincide with the worst economic downturn in generations, The Great Recession. Throughout the challenging formative years of his business, James became tougher, wiser, stronger, and grew the company to great success, in spite of daunting odds.

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