Jared MacIlvaine

GRIT VS DEBT: One Determined Couple. 20 Crazy Months. $72k In Student Loans Paid.

GRIT VS DEBT: One Determined Couple. 20 Crazy Months. $72k In Student Loans Paid. by Jared MacIlvaine
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About the Book

On their honeymoon, Jared and Rachel MacIlvaine decided to try to pay off their $72,500 student loan balance in less than two years. Jared had dropped out of college after his first year, while Rachel had completed her studies and earned a studio art degree. You could say the odds weren’t quite stacked in their favor.

Grit Vs. Debt takes you on a rollercoaster journey as they worked, struggled, believed, and ultimately paid off every last penny of their debt in a swift 20 months. Grit Vs. Debt gives hope and inspiration to a generation that sees 75% of its college graduates enter the “real world” with an average of over $30,000 of debt.

For most, dealing with the reality of their debt is the first punch that world dishes out. Jared and Rachel’s story will encourage our generation to not just fight back, but to become VICTORS of circumstance.

About the Author

Jared has a passion for freedom and victory over circumstances. That, coupled with a desire to help others eradicate their student loan debt, has put him on a mission to get his story out to as many people as possible.

Know somebody with debt? Send them to gritvsdebt.com

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