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ALL IN Orphan Care: Small Group Curriculum — FREE Sample Session

ALL IN Orphan Care: Small Group Curriculum — FREE Sample Session by Jason Johnson
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nonfiction Education, Religion
For readers of:Donald Miller, Tim Keller, Matt Chandler
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PublisherArrow Publishing
Publication DateMay 20, 2014
About the Book

Full-length book now available at www.allinorphancare.com/curriculum

The 6-Session ALL IN Orphan Care Small Group Curriculum is designed to help establish a growing culture of orphan care within churches. It also serves as the primary equipping and application resource for individuals and families who are already involved in caring for orphans or for those who are interested in learning more about getting involved. At its core, this study is about the theology of the Gospel of our adoption into the family of God through the work of Jesus and how we can vividly declare and demonstrate that through our care of the marginalized, abused, neglected and orphaned.

The Six Sessions Include:

  • What Is An Orphan And Why Should We Care for Them?

Exploring God's heart for the orphan and our mandate to care for them.

  • The Theology of Adoption

A look at how the imagery of adoption throughout Scripture paints a vivid picture of our redemption in Jesus.

  • How Orphan Care Displays the Gospel

Uncovering three unique, tangible ways our care of orphans reflects God's care of us in Jesus.

  • The Other Side of Orphan Care

Pursuing the goal of permanence through both prevention and adoption efforts.

  • Making Orphan Care Small

Embracing the call not to change the world for all orphans, but to change the world of at least one.

  • Identifying Your Role

Understanding that no one is called to do everything but everyone is called to do something.

About ALL IN:

The ALL IN Orphan Care material was founded by Mark Tennant in 2013. The mission of ALL IN Orphan Care is to engage and equip the Church to care for the marginalized, the oppressed, the neglected, the abused and the orphaned through foster care, adoption, family support services and other alternative forms of care. Our objective is simple: We want to help kids and strengthen families, and provide resources that help facilitate a culture of that within the Church. ll.

For more information visit: allinorphancare.com

This sample session is free to download. All "tip" proceeds benefit the work of ALL IN Orphan Care.

About the Author

We believe the Church is the answer to the orphan care crisis in our world, and that connecting people in community and equipping them biblically are essential if we want to see the people of God go all in to care for kids and strengthen families.

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