Jason Taylor

Lead Yourself to Financial Success

Lead Yourself to Financial Success by Jason Taylor
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About the Book

Did you know that the majority of us spend 46.9 percent of our time thinking about something rather than doing it? In this new day and age spending too much time in la la land can cause severe consequences in your relationships, finances, and career. When you think of a leader you think of quick decision makers, mentally focused juggernauts with a tough exterior who can take on any project given to them. These people don’t seem to waver in an uncertain economy, nor do they seem financially overwhelmed. I’ve learned a lot of my leadership skills over the years through several techniques I will breakdown for you later in this book. These techniques ultimately helped me become who I am today. I want to share with you all that I know so you can lead more efficiently and gain financial freedom.

About the Author

Jason Taylor is a serial entrepreneur and currently serves as the Director of Operations for Phenomenal Staffing and Fit4Life LLC, a highly recognized fitness company geared towards creating healthy habits for those diagnosed with diabetes type 1 and type 2.

During his career Jason Taylor has worked with celebrities, Authors, National Business Leaders and world leaders to help brand, build, scale, and monetize businesses across the world.

Recognized in over a number major media publications such as YFS Magazine, The Pulse and many others. Jason Taylor is a nationally sought after expert in Information Technology, Brand Building, and Economics with an emphasis on wealth creation.

Jason Taylor is a veteran of the US Air Force where he earned an extensive degree of knowledge in Information Technology and Leadership skills before becoming a Serial Entrepreneur.

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